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Thank you very much for the advice! I really appreciate it. Your situation sounds similar.. we also do shakes (boost for kids, Carnation instant breakfast) and I am constantly giving my son “snacks” as he hardly eats so I just put it in front of him to pick at while he watches tv in the morning and after school. It really helps to keep him from getting “hangry”. I just can’t get anything into him at school as I’m not there, so that doesn’t help things. I really believe the medication not eating are what causes the grumpy moodiness as he seemed like a nice kid when he was taking a long break from meds.

We try to stay away from colors and dyes but not always easy, especially at Halloween last week. I would love to try cutting back on gluten and sugar but it’s not easy when he is such a picky eater and not hungry I just try to get him to eat anything.

I will def look into Vyvanse, thank you. I guess it’s all trial and error.

Thanks again!