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I feel very bad for you, as I have experienced similar problems with the medical community-still experiencing them. I live in what I had considered a fairly thriving metropolis-Kansas City area-and yet for years I have not been able to find even one medical professional who understood ADHD better than I did. I would request a specialist in ADHD, and four different times I was referred to, and saw, four different doctors who knew SO little about ADHD.

I was lucky in that one of them tried me on Vyvanse which worked wonderfully for me until he retired. And now I can’t seem to get anyone to prescribe it to me anymore. I’m not giving up. I have an appointment with a general doctor who was recommended to me. For some reason, I have heard that some general practitioners are more inclined to give a new patient ADHD meds if they’ve already been diagnosed. Maybe the general physicians are just more willing to admit they are fairly ignorant on the subject of ADHD?? I don’t know.
If this doesn’t work, I’m taking some of my inheritance I was left recently and going to see a woman who was highlighted in our “Kansas City” magazine. She is a psychiatrist who specializes ONLY in ADHD. Potential patients are welcome to email her for help. It would be expensive, but it would be worth it if I found someone who understands me, and prescribes to me the proper meds.
Don’t give up…keep trying alternate avenues. I wish you much luck.