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Some key words I hear both of you saying are: anxiety and irritability. I dontvknow if the medicine you are on addresses that. I know i was on antdepressants and was still depressed. And had anxiety and didn’t know. Once i got the correct med prescribed, I was fine. Depression causes irritability. I knew something was wrong when family and friends asked me ” why are you always upset? And as a person who is usually not mad or easily irritated, I then knew something was wrong. I am irritated that the previous doctoes didnt help me!
This pandemic is difficult, you may want to get an add coach. Also, plan an activit(ies) everyday. Write down what you have to do. There are online book clubs (yes you will have to sit and read a book) but audio books help. There are many social justice initiatives. Im in the US and I made calls for political candidates- some not in my state. Find a cause and volunteer. There is also Meetup for all types of indoor and outdoor activities. Museums are opening and many places have short online courses for hobbies or technology, etc. Also, if you have work to do, there are internet social media blocking apps and timers to time yourself. The pomegranate method. Work 20 mins. Break for 5 mins.
But Id say meds adjustment first. Ive been in therapy and I honestly can say it helped me minimally. I now realize because the meds weren’t doing anything, all of the suggestions they made never worked. My brain had to be ready. Lastly, be safe and keep your mask on and no gathering inside. Good luck!