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I dont know much about wellbutrin as I don’t personally have depression, if I where you I’d get a second opinion,from what you were saying on the post it seems the person you spoke to didn’t do a very good job when asking questions,I was diagnosed with ADHD at age 4,I’ve been to so many psychiatrist’s over the years and have found one I love,though when I go for the initial consult they usually last an hour,an hour in my opinion is enough time to go over the basics in your daily living,tell a brief history on your past as well where you want to be in life.i learned over the years if there is a new medication you’ve been given google is not your friend,it does more damage to your thinking then not. Meaning if you.go look up side effects of a drug and 60% of folks say they had horrible side effects then you’ll tell yourself you don’t want to take it and you not get the help needed.

I started taking an ADHD medication 3 years ago one I had never tired,I googled all the side effects as well all the negative side effects folks experienced,that turned me off from taking the drug,I woke morning and gave in and started the med and since that day it changed my life,I’ve done a 180 since then.

If you feel you don’t have depression I’d definitely get a second opinion as well if you are trying to get a hold on your ADHD symptoms,I seriously look into VYvanse which is what I’m taking now. Good luck in the furture.dont be afraid to jump on here with questions folks are here to help.