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Penny Williams

I don’t know about you, but with the state of things right now, I’m having a hard time forcing myself to get up too. Our kids lives have been enormously disrupted, with no true end in sight yet. Our kids used to see other kids and their friends every day. Now they’re isolated and lacking much real connection.

Plus, online school is a lot harder for many kids with ADHD. It’s easier to focus when you’re in a room with others doing that and it’s the expectation in that environment.

Yes, struggling to get up and do school is an issue, but I encourage you to keep what she’s going through top of mind. It’s a LOT.

My son is a senior, just turned 18. He’s set to graduate at the end of this semester if he passes all 4 classes. He REALLY wants to be done with school. K-12 has been a traumatic nightmare for him. And yet, he still can’t force himself to do the work, even knowing that doing it will mean he’s completely done in less than 2 months.

I know I didn’t offer any strategies, but I find understanding the reasons for behavior a crucial first step.

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