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None of the pharmacies in my area carry Teva and unwilling order it despite my prescription stating Teva generic only. I had to call every pharmacy zzz in town and finally found a small, independent pharmacy who will order for me. Unfortunately the pharmacist won’t accept insurance on it or goodrx. I’m paying out of pocket for my psychiatrist and now for my prescription as well. $130 month for 60 20mg. I’m grateful for the medication but it’s taking a financial toll. My next appointment I’m going to ask about trying Vyvanse or Mydayis if my insurance will cover it, which I think they will only after doing prior authorization runaround. The medication struggle is disheartening and stressful. Not to mention pharmacies and some doctors are rude and act like we are drug seekers bc most generics are crap and don’t help. We just want to function and be productive without all this hassle!!