Reply To: Private diagnosis?


Hi, I’m sure others more experienced will reply shortly but until then, it might be useful to know that i have recently gone private for the same reasons as yours son. I am yet to start treatment, however I have now had a private diagnoses and had the opportunity to discuss how it all works.

Imo the best option by far was to do the diagnoses and titration (getting the right meds) privately and then once on the correct dosages refer back to the nhs. There are a couple of hurdles will this mind – you will need to have 6 monthly or yearly checkups with the private clinic (The gp will not prescribe without this) and you will need to be mindful that the medication available privately may differ from what the nhs are willing to provide. So there will need to be lots of talks between your gp and private clinician.

I simply explained to my gp that I wasn’t prepared to wait and would happily fund privately; she happily referred me to a private clinic (many private clinics will still require a referral from gp).

Take note that although this is a fast track method it will cost you financially. You will be looking at around £450 for diagnoses plus another £200 or so for titration plus the medication costs which range from £30pm to £150pm – hence why you want to make sure you can get referred back on the nhs after diagnoses and titration.

As I say, I’m very new to all this myself but if you want any more info just let me know.

Good luck 🙂