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My last reply here was April, I believe- I’ve read all the new posts and it’s a shame that so many people’s lives and well-being just do not matter when we make our complaints. I’m now going through a divorce and custody battle and I’m in no way blaming this on the new generic but I will say this- I could really benefit from having a generic that works right now. I’ve relocated 2 hours from where I lived, finding a job, custody drop off pick up( 2 hrs) away every week, lawyer appointments, organizing my paperwork, the expenses, and to top it off- the courts consider our case a high conflict situation and I have to document everything and anything- plus get it to my lawyer. I was a stay home mom in August, my routine has been turned upside down and not seeing my toddler every other week is like a knife in my heart. Basically a NIGHTMARE for one with adult ADHD. I’m keeping up with it all but I’m working overtime fighting against my executive malfunctioning. The Right Adderall not only helped with my ADD but also anxiety. I was willing to try vyvanse in the morning and 1 adder all in the afternoon in hopes it would be some relief but unfortunately everyone is different. I’ve been down the vyvanse road in the past and other stimulants and adderall twice daily has always been what My adhd is managed best by/ having minimal side effects. The medicine that works , that all of us here benefit from is now garbage. I’ll figure some way to get through this and life thereafter without adderall- of course but it’s really such a shame that we all have to suffer, knowing that once we did have medication that allowed us to function in a way that those without ADHD do easily. Adulting is 10X harder for us and We simply do not matter when we complain. I appreciate everyone here. I hate you all are having to go through this issue but at least we can all relate.