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I appreciate your kind words!

I also do the pomodoro technique with a timer. I do cycles of 25 minutes “on” followed by brief 5 minute breaks. It really helps me from feeling overwhelmed and prevents me from getting frustrated when preforming tasks that require a lot of focus.

Your son is very lucky to have supportive parents! I more or less begged my mom to get me tested at 15 and even then she had to fight quite a bit with my dad before they both agreed. I could go into the various home issues but long story long, both of my parents have substance abuse/alcohol problems and are very dysfunctional in their own right. They divorced when I was 16 which was honestly a god send but they still have their issues. Growing up in that environment, especially with ADD was not easy at all.

I would say that I wish I had been put on medication earlier but I honestly do not know if my outcome would have been any better. Unlike your son I was very unwilling to accept suggestions and very rebellious. I managed to avoid getting into any actual trouble, but I did my fair share of drinking and drugging (hell raising) which in retrospect could have just been self medicating.

With little to no support from my family, things really did not get better for me until I made the decision to get sober and start accepting help (for all of my problems not just addiction).

With a supportive family and an open mind your son is easily a decade ahead of me in maturity. I’m sure he will be just fine 🙂