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Since writing my initial post i have titrated up to 70mg of Elvanse, it’s the maximum dose but my titration nurse was comfortable issuing it.

Like many, i was expecting a complete change in myself from starting the meds a few months ago but was a little bit disappointed. However since starting them i have also improved my lifestyle in other areas… i’ve quit (well, paused) drinking alcohol, i’m hitting the gym 3 x times a week, i’ve introduced 5-minute ‘dopamine breaks’ in my daily schedule, i’ve changed my diet – cutting out all processed food and focusing on healthy balanced meals (the odd pizza now and again still allowed!) and i’ve started drinking 2-3 litres of water (from drinking practically none before). This has all made a much bigger impact than taking meds alone.

I’m still not 100% convinced Elvanse is the most effective drug for me but i’m going to stick with it for 6 months now i’ve completed my titration and possibly review after that. I’m also going to add in a short 3 day meds vacation at some point to gauge what effect the meds are having.

This ADDitude article i came across recently was useful:

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