Reply To: ADHD meds and athletic performance


I’m a 22 year old goaltender who played in the OHL (a high level of junior hockey). I have no medical need for Concerta but experimented with it and while I feel as though I can take on the world while on a normal dose, it does negatively affect play. I do not take it regularly (not during practices), and the increased focus seems to stop me from reaching a state of “flow”; I’m too on edge to perform my best in games. Maybe practice how you play has some truth to it eh.
Not sure if you find this info useful but teammates with legitimate prescriptions have told me similar stories. They do not take a dose on game day. And preferably after a morning practice.
They did however, tend to use pre workout and/or coffee and smelling salts before games. This is what most of us did, but they said they felt sluggish without some sort of stimulation. How much of this was a mental thing vs. a legitimate requirement, it’s tough to say.

Now in university for engineering, I use it to bang out 10 hours of work lol but that’s besides the point. Hope this helps with your son.