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Thank you so much for your helpful responses!

I actually have a relationship with a new psych who is going to go through the old report with me. He’s really the person that prompted me to dig up and dust off the report in the first place. I am very lucky to be sober (two years sober now) and have a job that provides me with health insurance so I can get the treatment that I need. Before that it was for sure out of the question. *for what it’s worth I did not start drinking until well after that evaluation.

I also scheduled an appointment with a therapist and I’m starting sessions with him next week. I’m feeling way better about things now. There was just a certain “shock” factor when I first looked over the report but now I’m just glad to know that I’m not lazy, stupid, useless, or worthless – I just have a learning disability and that’s ok. I actually feel like this will be good for me and that I’ll be able to make a lot of progress from here.

My current psych told me that all of the tests he preformed were legitimate, but now that you mention it the conclusions he draws from the report seem pretty ridiculous. In so many words he basically said in the report that my poor academic performance is most likely a result of a ‘cognitive deficit’ and not ADHD. I also remember him recommending that I transfer to an easier school and attend a less competitive university which I found to be particularly insulting.

I just added “More attention, less deficit” to my reading list. Thank you so much for the recommendation!