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I’m a grad student in my early 30’s diagnosed with adult ADHD in 2018. My main weaknesses are having to read something 3 or 4 times just to get a general idea about the subject matter (which is why professors blandly saying read the book really irritates me) and getting distracted and lost on the internet.

What hasn’t worked for me:
Generic Concerta by Mallinckrodt – Lasted eight hours at the very most (should be 10-12 for Concerta) with negligible effects. The equivalency status has been revoked by the FDA.

Generic Concerta by Activis – The “official” generic. Lasted as long as the brand Concerta but effects did not improve my focus or retention.

What has worked for me:
Brand Adderall IR

Generic Adderall IR – Sandoz and Teva. For me at least, Sandoz had more of a bell curve effect than Teva which I understand some people prefer. I’m in Kansas and Walgreens in the city I lived in before recently moving to another city in KS always had Teva. Fortunately, the Walgreens in the city I’m living in right now has had Teva so far.

Vyvanse (mostly) – I say mostly because while I have had positive effects, it has been for 8-10 hours instead of the 12-14 hours that is promoted. With Vyvanse, you may need to do a cost/benefit analysis because of its price.

I’m currently trialing Generic Adderall XR by Prasco. It seems like opinions are mixed about it. If it doesn’t work I’ll probably try the brand XR or fall back to Vyvanse and just brace for the increase in costs. I am fortunate in that area.

If you’re wondering about all the changes, I’m trying for a routine where I take a long-acting med to get through the day and a short-acting med if I need some extra time to study in the evening. I’m fortunate to have a doctor that understands all of these generic med hurdles and has supported my past choices.

I hopes this helps and thanks to this site and others I have been able to avoid generic Adderall by Aurobindo and Mallinckrodt.