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Dr. Eric

You have a challenge. There is a roadmap for success. The road may not be easy, but at least you have some maps on which direction to start.

Think of Google Maps, sometimes you need to make some movement before it recalibrates and gives you a better direction. It will never do that if you stay still.

As an educational psychologist and an administrator who used to contract with private providers, I would love to make a few observations.

– Remember that an assessment is a “snapshot in time” that is how you scored that day. I have had students for whom their scores were a better measure of grief, illness, or sobriety than what the manual says it meant. A statistician once stated, all models are wrong, but some are useful.

– Like any profession, the quality of providers varies. Heck, I don’t even like comparing my reports on my worse day than on my best days.

– Avoid any conversation of “assessments are awesome” versus “assessments are useless” nuance and complexity seem to be lost in today’s world.

– When it comes to private providers/therapists, I tend to avoid unitaskers… unless the assessor’s only. If you get an assessment from the local biofeedback guy, biofeedback will be what you need. If you get assessed by the anti-medication guru, medication won’t help you…

Here is an example of using vision therapy… I had two local vision therapy assessors in town from a previous position.
Assessor A – Was an Ophthalmologist at the local medical school and a renowned researcher on when VT was appropriate versus not appropriate. He recommended vision therapy for about 1/3 of my referrals. The others were a husband wife team who provide most of the VT in the area. They have recommeded VT for all of my referrals minus one… a parent who has been arrested by the FBI for insurance fraud and ran over a teacher’s foot with her car…. so, go ahead and do that math…