Reply To: It started with phentermine


I know this is an old post, but I couldn’t help myself. I have tried phertermine before, for weight loss purposes and noticed that my focus completely changed. For a long time I have struggled with attention deficit and never realized how bad it was. I live in California and have Medi-cal, the diagnosis process was excruciating and sooooo long! The therapist I was meeting with was SO hesitant to diagnose me even though all of the signs pointed to ADD. I don’t understand why some doctors are so reluctant to help. They almost make you feel ashamed for having this condition, it’s frustrating to say the least! Fast forward to 3 months ago…I found a website online called and they provide a legit, phychologist signed, adhd diagnosis. Because of covid-19, this actually made it a little easier since there were no doctors offices open. Dr. Yacoub’s offices provide online support for new and existing patients and they handle medication management. I met with an MP on video chat and she was so kind and understanding, not at all what I have experienced in the past. I am on a low dose of Adderall and I can honestly say it has made a huge difference in my performance and ability to focus. I feel so grateful to finally get the help I needed, even if I found a loophole to get it done. We have to advocate for ourselves and stop letting others decide what is good for us!