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I would take IQ scores with a pinch of salt, depending on the test they are bias to white middle class males.

And I remember reading a study about when people with ADHD were allowed to take untimed IQ tests they score the same or better than NT peers, this was attributed to working memory and distraction issues.

However, as your assessment identified quite a few areas of weakness that are linked to problems found in people with dyslexia have you ever been assessed for it?

I was diagnosed with dyslexia waaaaay before ADHD and it is similar in that there are a spectrum of problems; for me for example at 9 years old my spelling was in the 19th percentile and my maths in the 94th and my reading in the 78th.

I still cant spell, does it mean I couldn’t win a spelling bee? If I really put in the work maybe I could I just don’t want to!

In any case your report was done many years ago by someone who doesn’t know you, and IQ isn’t set in stone if you practice you can increase your score for an IQ test.

What I would think about for yourself now is what you want to do in life and how understanding your issues and finding accommodations for them will help you get to where you want to be.