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Hello I am 14, quite younger than you folks. But my friend who has ADHD strongly believes that I have adhd, and looking online at the symptoms. This is not the first time I told my parents that I had ADHD, and not the first time they brushed it off either. I kinda told my parents in 5th grade when I told them I had trouble focusing, everyone was telling me I had anger issues, I was hyper, I had a behavioral class. i was basically the weird kid. fast foward 2 years later and that’s the first time I really saw that my symptoms matched ADHD. I told my parents that I think that I had ADHD, but they brushed it off, thinking I was just being a hypochroniac(i was at the time but not anymore). And now, 2020 has rolled along and my friend has told me that he thinks I have adhd. I told my parents about all the symptoms I had. My dad was already mad at me because I decided to run away from his car for a prank(everyone reading this is thinking this isn’t a prank, but I’ll count it as one.). You see, I have issues with impulse control, so even with the threat of destroying my Doritos(gotta love them) I still kept running. After being dragged back by my friends and into the car I decided to have a chat with my dad. I was scared at first but then I got the courage to firmly tell him “I have ADHD” my dad immediately got mad at me(prank from earlier) and responded in a even more firm tone, “No, you don’t, you know what, you have to stop being so hard on yourself” I was mad at him and when I started telling him the symptoms I shared with people who had ADHD. But, I didn’t really rehearse the speech at my friend’s house and so I stuttered a lot. Wanna know what he did? blew it off just like he did the last times. So now, I’m planning to talk to the high school school counselor. Only problem is that the map they gave me was pretty confusing so I’ll ask my teachers for directions. Hybrid starts next week so pretty excited to finnaly get some answers