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I am just recently diagnosed and haven’t told my family, as my family consists of one person who would deny it and not spend anytime getting to know the condition or my issues.

I told my childhood friend who also recently was diagnosed with ASD and she suspects she has ADHD. It was fun reminissing about being the two odd kids.

I also told 3 people who I used to work with and are now just friends with, the immediate reaction was:
“Really? I mean is that confirmed by a doctor because, just no.”

But that’s the reaction I expected as I have spent my entire life masking way my struggles to the point where I just seem like an underachieving loser who has accomplished nothing.

More importantly is the reason WHY you are going to tell someone, I told that particular group because one of them has a son who had recently been sectioned for mental health issues and he was found to have ASD and they were considering ADD as well.

She asked me how I knew so much about the conditions in conversation and I have family members with ASD and ADHD and have been through a lot of different problems (including sectioning) and I wanted to back up what I was telling her and I just came out with it.

I am also dyslexic and I have always been open about it when I felt like it was important; I found in my first job that it stoped the manager bulling me about my spelling. In future I will disclose ADHD when / if needed or if I want to.