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I have a similar situation. My husband has been putting in many extra hours due to Covid. I love to cook. I have taken to cooking really nice dinners at least three times a week and eating them just the two of us or with family. NO TV. It makes him feel good and helps me get appreciation for my efforts. Regardless of the menu it’s the nice dishes, place settings, a lit candle, cloth napkins that makes it special. Also kind of makes up for not going out to restaurants which used to be our thing.

Just as an aside my daughter SIL and grandaughter live in the other side of our duplex. Once a week I do restaurant night. Sushi, German, French, Mexican, Greek and set the table accordingly. It is so appreciated by everyone. The great part is my daughter shows her gratitude by clearing the table!

Hang in there. Try to find a way to support him that makes him show his gratitude to fill your tank. If it works do it.