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Hi Adéle
Thanks for your insight. It must be very difficult to understand how hard this is for someone with ADHD. And I bet my overcoming the revulsion makes you feel like your partner is not trying hard enough.
Let me say that brushing my teeth remains the hardest thing I ever do. Every day. Can you imagine having to so something that stays chronically revolting to you every day, every month, every year, for the rest of your life? Can you understand that that can be extremely stressful? And that it is hard to constantly have to literally fight with yourself to overcome it? And it never gets better? I can tell you, this is very tiring. And sometimes, when I have a lot of other stress, I would rather give up on it, too.
This is why I am asking, Does anyone know how to make it fun? That would lighten my load so so much!

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