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Yarlan Zey

Another thing to remember is that even for neurotypicals, keeping things tidy is a whole lot of work! I predict that there will be more and more people working as cleaners, because many people simply don’t have the time and energy to do it all themselves. I actually do quite a lot of cleaning in my job even though it’s not the main “job description”. If I didn’t do it though, the job would be more stressful and dangerous.

I know the Japanese method I posted in my previous message might seem a bit “advanced” or whatever. For me it was an inspiration, maybe for you it isn’t.

One thing that really helps me sometimes is to listen to a podcast or music while tidying up and cleaning. Also you could just concentrate on keeping your main living areas and hallway reasonably tidy. Let other areas slide a little.

I do sympathise though, as cleaning up still often puts me in a bad mood!