Reply To: Refuses to do any class work or homework


To be honest since I’m in college now, for my third year, I had never felt so alone in the world of education, after feeling like my former school district did nothing but abandon the “special education students” the students on IEP’s and 504’s. I felt this year that I was grateful for the experiences that I was able to have with my peers, but at the same time I was always taken out of my class to enter the resource rooms. I think that’s why I never believed in myself and to this day it has haunted me your child may be experiencing the same thing, as a former student, I never felt comfortable talking to my parents who were both teachers about what it was like for fear that they would not believe me. your child might be scared to speak up and or doesn’t know what to say about how he’s feeling. I would support his involvement in his next meeting more than just being there and not being involved in the conversation. allow him to lead part of it making it his responsibility to voice his concerns about what its like to be learning in todays climate.