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I’m in total agreement with Penny Williams, phsa. It took me at least three meds and a number of months to finally settle on a med that works (relatively) well for me without too many side effects like the jitters or wonky blood pressure.

Also, it’s extremely important to note that ADHD meds aren’t a magic bullet. You don’t take the right dose and then suddenly become able to sing and dance in perfect harmony and step with wider society. What they do allow when they’re working correctly is the ability to focus on tedious tasks. The rest is up to you and will probably take some work in training yourself how to focus on the right things if you have years of ingrained habits built around focusing on whatever is providing you with dopamine. I would hope that your doctor is able to to provide some support with this as well since finding the right med is only the first step of the journey.

Finally, the whole brain fog and breezing through things at the last minute because you function better under pressure? Totally an ADHD thing. So if your expert is inclined to think you have it then I’d be inclined to believe it. Problem is, that’s no way to live. Ultimately it can lead to all sorts of anxiety and stress related conditions. Don’t ask me how I know…

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