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Hi, I’m a single mom of a -just turned- 13 yr old daughter. I was an adult when diagnosed with Inattentive ADHD -specifically last year!!! Medication most definitely helps!!!! But, that is only half the battle, I have to put in the work to change my habits and help the medication help me -if that makes sense lol. As does having some sort of routine -at least in my case- in the mornings I allow myself time to have a wandering mind usually this is roughly 45 mins. Then I make my bed “while still in it” meaning I put my pillows up -forcing me to get out of bed- then I fix my flat sheet and comforter. I make a beeline to the lavatory, get dressed, take my meds, and officially start my day.

I’ve also realized if I REALLY clean on the weekends and pick up during the week it is less daunting. I know for me when my living situation is messy I feel it emotionally (took A WHILE to figure that out). Sometimes, if I feel overwhelmed I try and spread out the stuff I don’t want/like/good at doing and mix in between the stuff I am good at/want/like. Example: I HATE with a passion folding clothes -usually I have an Everest size pile of clothes washed waiting to be folded. I’ll take what I can in my arms sit on my couch and fold while watching something and continue until ALL the clothes are done (insert eye roll lol).

When I feel beyond overwhelmed I -audibly- ask myself can I do anything about it within the next 24 hours, or logic my way out of it. I’ve realized a lot of what makes me feel anxious is my mind running crazy. And I use technology to help me organize myself, Google Keep is AMAZING and I’ve learned to utilize my phone assistant and or smart speaker for little things that most people don’t need it for. And break up a large task into manageable smaller tasks.

Most of all, I try to remember the pressures I feel are from what the neurotypical society has deemed “typical” and I don’t work that way, so I find ways/hacks that work for me and forgive myself for not being “perfect”.

I know this was long but I hope it helps!!!