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I am homeschooling so 7 year olds (cousins) for their Mothers. Both Mothers work full-time.
One child is in the process of being diagnosed with ADHD & dyslexia (the symptoms are blaring at me!). His Mother is also ADHD (also undiagnosed). I am helping her to get the help her son needs (we’ve already been to his pediatrician and are waiting to hear from an ADHD specialist for testing and official diagnosis & treatment).
I have been researching how to teach a child with both learning disabilities and have started to try a few ideas. The Mother & Father are very supportive of my attempts. They have both said that in the 9 weeks I have been homeschooling him, they are seeing an improvement in his ability to read, spell, etc.
I am seeking out other parents/educators dealing with this combination of learning disabilities to help me with other suggestions and methods of teaching him.
He has homework every evening (I only have the students here 3 days a week & provide homework for the other 2 days of “distance” school). However, his parents have seen an uptick in his resistance to completing the homework and his anger & aggression has increased.
Does anyone have any ideas I can share with them to reduce the issues they are dealing with.
Note: he is not yet on any medication – we haven’t gotten that far in the diagnostic path.
I can’t cut back on the homework as our actual “in school” hours is reduced compared to public school.
Any ideas/suggest would be greatly appreciated!