Reply To: Refuses to do any class work or homework


My son is 11 and in 6th grade. Doing work has always turned into a knock down drag out. I’ve realized he suffers from rejection sensitive dysphoria and it’s mainly anxiety driven, but knowing that doesn’t make it any easier! When we get on to him about just NOT doing whatever (school work, chores, basically anything that’s asked of him) he totally goes into this “well I’m just gonna act out and not do ANYTHING that I’m suppose to” thing where he’s destructive around the house (cutting a scrunchie, throwing a roll of tp into the toilet etc etc). We end up in this cycle and I know we all just wanna get off the ride! We’ve done CBT, EMDR, ssri, is currently on clonidine & focilin. Not sure what else to do, what changes need to be made… he can’t be an emotional terrorist to his younger siblings, dad and myself (not to mention HIS SELF!)