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Thanks….he is on the 504 plan at school and in counseling…..I’m working hard on changing some things with him….He told me the other night after we had some talks and opened up that he feels like no matter what he does, isn’t right. A loose – loose situation in his mind…..He is such a great child otherwise and I want to help him and not punish him…If my child is afraid to tell me things, then that isy fault……We had some really good talks recently and I told him what I am changing….”no more yelling”….”no more getting mad” as it only makes him feel worthless…..

I reassured him that things can and will get better. We just have to change our approach…I asked him to think things he could do differently to make it better also….and I told him he doesn’t have to tell me…just think about it……

Of course I want a straight “A” kid…… but at the end of the day I just want to have a son who is happy no matter what..❤️