Reply To: Could I possibly have ADHD?


Let’s see… I’m not certain if you DO have ADHD, but there definitely IS something up with your life. It’s definitely not just anxiety.

Since I haven’t introduced myself to anyone yet, I have had ADHD my whole life, but I was diagnosed when I was 9 years old. I am 17 now. I take Concerta, so I am able to control myself physically and mentally enough to function well. Off the meds, I was failing elementary school. With them, I am acing every single HS class I take eheh.

Here are some things I have in common with you when I am off my medication, and it may say ADHD. Although some remind me more of high-functioning Autism. Of course, keep in mind that I’m not a professional and I cannot diagnose you, as well as the fact that ADHD can be slightly different for everyone.

“It’s like a fogginess almost, sometimes it’s worse, but it’s always there. It can make it difficult to do my work or pay attention to anything.”

“I can’t stop myself from crying, blushing, hyperventilating, or sometimes screaming, as I feel like it’s impossible for me to stop.”

“I have trouble paying attention to the class that I hate, which is math. No matter how hard I try, I can’t make myself focus on it, I can only breeze through the problems without caring if my answers are wrong. It’s easier with English and history because I enjoy those topics.” You hit this nail on the head. People seem to think those with ADHD can’t focus on ANYTHING, nah just we can’t usually focus on things we don’t like. Even off my meds, I can draw for up to 8 hours a day because I LIKE doin it.

“I also bite my nails so badly that they bleed, and when the nails are barely there I start chewing at the skin. I do this when I am engaging in something I like and I’m no longer aware of my surroundings.”

“I am afraid they will think this is silly compared to what they go through.” This is NEVER silly, and should not be compared to other’s illnesses. My little sister has moderate to severe Austism, but that does not devalue the importance of my mental illness from being taken care of as well. If you want to feel focused, not be left in the dust by your peers, mocked at less because you are daydreaming too much or that you need to pay MORE attention, you NEED to talk to a professional/your professional about this.

If you already found out that you have ADHD, since this reply was made a little over 2 months since you posted, congrats. You may have found out you have ADHD, but this also means you can start getting help for it. I wish you luck, if so. If not, I would suggest getting friends to ask your parents/help support you, or other family members (aunt’s, uncle’s, etc.) to help. Coming out to my parents about your concerns can be scary. I didn’t tell my family that I was bi until I turned 12 years old, and I’ve been bi my whole life. Once I told them, they were instantly okay with it. Worst case scenario, they tell you no and you wait until you’re 18, at which point you can go and find out for yourself anyways.