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Penny Williams

As long as the school is focused on the behavior and punishing it away, nothing will change. You must look at the root causes of behavior to actually affect the behavior.

WHY does she wander off?

WHAT is she doing to “disrupt” the class, and WHY is she doing those things?

WHY is she “not listening?” What is causing it to look like she’s not listening? (Teachers complained about this about my son but then remarked that he was listening and processing, he just didn’t look attentive and that bothered them.)

Intention is really important here! She isn’t disrupting the class on purpose. She isn’t putting herself in unsafe situations on purpose. Every child wants to do well and meet expectations. WHY is she not able to?

I would request a Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) from the school. The entire school staff needs a professional to come in and guide them through looking at the causes of these behaviors, and the FBA process does this.

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