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Hello MelissA–thank you for the feedback, I do realize Strattera is a non stimulant I forgot to add Focalin as well. But either way both do not work. And you are right about the school situation, unfortunately in the states (Georgia) to send her to a specialized school is VERY expensive. And because me and my husband (to there standards) make to much money, its hard for us to get assistants. We have a scheduled meeting with the school again next Tuesday, to set up a “504”, not sure if you are familiar with that. They are fighting us on an IEP, so we are starting there first. Its just frustrating to have anxiety everyday, on whether I receive a text, call, email on my Childs behavior (which is DAILY).

But thank you for reaching out, I appreciate it. All us Mommy and Daddy’s need to stick together, because when everything is said and done we are the #1 best and truly only advocates for our kiddos!

Take Care,