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The partners don’t know what is going on in our mind. Usually the ADHD makes us overthink to a level where we start feeling neglected. It’s not anyone’s fault. We cannot control those emotions. If you could, take tour ADHD results to a good therapist and take your partner too, if he’s free or if he could take time out of his busy schedule. And talk there about how ADHD affects you and how you both can help each other. Once he understands the battle you’re having in your mind, he’ll understand better and wont get upset.


You can sit with him when he comes back home, ask him about his day, ask how he’s feeling mentally. Tell him he’s missed, tell him you appriciate him working those late hours, acknowledge his emotional and mental struggle and make him feel comfortable l. Working 60+ hours a week is hectic. I’ve done it and it’s so much more stress on body and mental well-being of a person. For you, feeling neglected is perfectly alright. Just don’t let your emotions take charge of you.

Its important that you both understand each others mental, physical, and emotional issues and needs. When you would make him comfortable, he would sit a little while more to listen to you. And when that happens you can share your mind.

Even if that doesn’t happen, take the time you spent with him while appreciating him as time spent wel together and don’t feel bad. Have dinner together, shower together, spend mornings together and everything else that you could do together to make you both feel wanted and happy.

I hope this helps. 🙂