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Hello, and yes I have been where you are and can empathize with the stress and anxiety that you are going through!
First of all Strateria is not a stimulant and they usually start young ones off on that first! I don’t recommend Ritalin only because it is a fast release and mood swings can come from that.
What I do reccomend is Concerta, it’s a slow release and will get her through the whole day plus after school for homework or daycare!
My son was on it and he had no problem. I am on it still !
Now onto the school part!
If your daughter is having that much problems in school I will tell you why?
Teachers were only taught to teach! When a child who has special needs enters their class they have no skills to handle the situation!
The school board don’t provide enough teachers sides for these children that need special attention in classroom and provide them with a proper education plan suitable to each individual’s needs.
I’m not sure where you are from but I suggest you have your daughter removed from the regular school system and put into a special school for children that are in the same situation!
Research this in your area and ask for a meeting with the Principal, teachers etc. and get her the help now!
You will never see a happier child really!
Oh,Concerta also helps with anxiety as well so it covers both problems.
I’m from Canada, Ontario and I wish you all the best!