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Thank-you so much for this response, no I haven’t yet but I plan too, my local NHS ADHD service I’m under has posted a letter out today that they said should help with getting support at uni, so thats incredibly hopeful.

Yeah thats what I thought but at the end he told me I didn’t have it specifically because I did’t have substance abuse issues, because I could read and that if I did have ADHD I would’ve dropped out of either primary or high school. And I paid for a full assessment and he labeled it as such at the start, he asked her to describe me and that was all, no follow up questions and no questions about anything specific.

To be honest not really, I googled the company he works for overall and I had seen somebody post in a forum they receive treatment there and have had great results so I convinced myself from that one review they were great. Should’ve been a warning sign when I got an appointment the same day as everywhere I’ve spoke to since seems to have at least a 2 week wait. I ended up googling him afterwards but he is Swedish so everything was written in Swedish and I can only speak English, his name seemed to be incredibly common in his home country so a lot of other people with his name came up when searching even when I tried to narrow it down to psychiatry. But the one thing I did trust was that he was trained at the Karolinska institute which is the issuer of the Nobel Prize in medicine which seemed to good to pass up but this was also on the company website I booked the assessment through.

I filled in the scale ratings before and was given one for my girlfriend and one for a parent to fill in which they did and I emailed them back as asked but they weren’t talked about at all during the appointment. And there was no request for school reports.

My girlfriend was so upset after we contacted the NHS ADHD services this morning that she said she will help me prepare a complaint if it’s what I want but I just wanted to see if his reasonings were something to be trusted or it was just the fact that he was comparing me to the hyperactive type and negating how differently ADHD can represent in women especially the inattentive type.

Thank-you so much for the reply, its made me feel sane and that it might just be a misdiagnosis as I have spoke to my gp and even they don’t think that I fit with the symptoms of any other mental illness except inattentive type ADHD and depression with anxiety. Honestly thank-you so much I will contact my university first thing tomorrow morning and inform them of my situation.

Sorry for the longest reply ever!