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It is amazing the number of adults that are having problems with their generic Adderall products. After realizing my medication was not longer effective, I discovered that my pharmacy Walgreens, had switched to Prasco as a manufacture. This stuff is JUNK. I’m thankful to have found this and many other forums and see many people are having similar problems with their generic Adderall. Regarding the “weakened” formula in Shires name brand Adderall as well as some insurance companies now requiring the name brand, it makes some sense because Shire has a relatively new product out that they claim to be superior to Adderall XR. Did they weaken Adderall to get people to switch to their other “superior” product and higher profits??? I copied the following as a reference for those reading this post: Mydayis is the latest med in Shire’s Adderall franchise. Adderall XR lasts for up to 12 hours, compared with Mydayis’ 16. With Adderall’s active ingredient available a generic……” So, has anyone tried Mydayis? Is it any good? What about it’s cost???