Reply To: No one believes me


Hello all,
Can anyone educate me or let me know if you have similar problems or experiences.

1) Whenever i go to bed. I sleep very soon. But at that time something goes in my mind and I feel asleep. Also in my sleep I can figure out sometimes that something is always buzzing in my head. But I couldn’t understand what is going on. Having said that even if I have so called sleep for 8 or 9 hours I always wanted to sleep more.
2) I had no motivation to get out of bed early. My only reason to get up was that in a fear I should do some physical household things before my spouse gets. If I don’t do it then I will have unpleasant discussions which I am not ready to hear.
3) When I am awake there is some thing always going on my mind so I cannot have a good coordination between my body and mind. E.g I say something and do something which is contradictory to what I said.
4) More importantly I fidget a lot.
5) I pay very less attention to things around me. B E.g. I hit my self many times by not noticing my part of a body is against the door I open. I always pmake things around me fall down without noticing it.
6) When someone asks me to find out something inhabe trouble finding it. I also become nervous if it’s from my wife who already branded me I am useless. But in office environment I spend long time searching a thing.
7) I also misplace things very often. Meaning putting it in wrong place and searching for it.
8) I have problem listening . Especially recollecting what people said few moments ago.
9) I also have problem understanding what others say. Mainly my wife. She always complain I live in my world and try not to understand her. But in office environment I dont have that problem much. But I seldom have such problems.
9) I often don’t meet deadlines. Luckily my career goes good with people who doesn’t care if I spill my deadline.
10) I feel sad for no reason. I feel I am useless. If I do something wrong in my work. I feel and exaggerated to an extent that I am going to lose job.
Are these symptoms of adhd?
Pls help