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Hello all,
I am 31 year old male. I have almost all the symptoms oof adhd and I am having an appointment with Dr. For tdiagnosis in 15 days. But until now I always face an
acquisition that
1) I don’t have interest in well being of my wife and my 3 year old son as me and my wife have discussions over my same mistakes on past 6 years. But till now I have felt bad for them and I love them. I couldn’t not tried holistically to solve the problem. Is it also an effect of adhd?
2) I have lost interest on life, I believe I am a loser, I can’t do anything, I am always a bad father , bad dad and so on.

3) Does anyone have similar problems

Pls suggest what to do?
I am completely lost , completely lost self esteem, confidence and sure I am having adhd

Pls put your thoughts across.


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