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Hi everyone! I signed up just to comment here. I have been having a hard time with generic adderall for years (I’ve been in a Lannett, Aurolife/Aurobindo fog for 6-7 months now) Always wanted to take what I could get from the pharmacy. Was always just hoping they wouldn’t be out of stock. On the Pharmacy subreddit for pharmacists to share thoughts etc. someone commented that they were going to purposely turn off their stores replenishment of the Teva brand to “get rid of” the people requesting it. Making assumptions that they’d be selling them on the street. I found an app called Capsule that will note and respect your preferred manufacturer. They also deal with your insurance/doctor/script refills for you! Teva is the best brand for me. It makes me feel clear and motivated. Doesn’t make me anxious and my hyperawareness/psychomotor agitation/overthinking is GONE after switching back to Teva. This post is all over the place because I’ve edited it too many times and it’s loud where I am but you guys get the idea. DO NOT LET YOUR PHARMACIST OR DR TELL YOU THAT ALL GENERICS ARE CREATED EQUAL