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I’m 45 female, have just been diagnosed with ADD and started Ritalin 4 days back. The dose is 10 mgs 3 times a day at 7,11 and 4 for the first 3 days and since yesterday 2×10 mgs 3 times a day.
I am finding it really hard to tell whether the medication is working or not, I read all the emotional stories of people going through a drastic change from the first pill & I was so excited to take the first pill but nothing much changed except for more energy and anxiety. My main challenges and the reason I went for diagnosis are the constant chatter in my mind and being over attentive to everything and registering everything around me that is irrelevant except for the important things. I do not seem to be able to enjoy life because I cannot relax, I simply cannot go beyond survival.

I will have a call with the doctor on Monday and am honestly not sure what to say. I had very high expectations of the medicine but it did not give me the peace of mind or the mind clarity that is needed to be able to be present and connect. Am not sure about the diagnosis now, also, while the doctor mentioned loosing appetite as a side effect, my appetite increased drastically!