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So recently what I’ve realized is I need a few sips of coffee for my medication to be effective (I am being careful, but it doesn’t give me anxiety or anything). I haven’t been drinking much coffee. I used to be a very big coffee drinker, however cut back way before I started medication.

When I take a few sips of coffee, maybe 2 hours after the medication (by that I mean I drink a little bit of coffee 2 hours or so later), I “feel” my brain turning on, in a way. Like my executive function comes “online”. It’s like that little bit of coffee helps.

Is this something to bring up to my doctor? Aside from that it seems like this has consistently happened when I had just a few sips of coffee. I feel slightly nervous about it because of all the ” don’t drink coffee with Adderall ” information, but it seems just that little bit of coffee really helps. Any similar experiences? I don’t get any bad side effects from it.

When I don’t have a little coffee, the XR really is hit or miss, or helps a little. (Coffee used to help me relax and feel somewhat “normal” but it never helped my EF, that’s something I never really experienced until medication).

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