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Hi – I’m almost 50 – and take 20 mg generic Adderall – twice a day, I believe it is NOT XR, just quick release. Once in the morning between 8-9am and then I have an reminder on my phone to take the other 20mg at 1:30pm. If I take it later than 2:30-3pm, I can’t sleep until after 11pm — So sometimes I will break the tablet in half and take that if it’s later in the day …
— This system seems to work for me- I did try a lower dose in the afternoon but focus was down from morning. I do not drink soda, so the Citic acid comment may be something to consider if you drink soda or juice drinks.
Also, my 11yr old ADHD/high functioning Autistic daughter is taking daily Straterra and also Cotempla 25mg in the morning. This is after about a year of trying different meds … The Cotempla really helps, and we are currently trying a lower dose for the afternoon during school. So yes, people do take 2 meds or a boost in the afternoon — just be careful about taking it too late in the day. My 2 cents.