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Hello! My son is now 12 and has been on medication since 6. He had been on many medications and had various side effects that were deal breakers. Daytrana patch has been the only medication that has worked without moody or rebound side effects. I would highly recommend you give it a try since since you are sort of in the same boat we were in. There was a few years in the past that there were shortage problems when there were some sort of production issue with the adhesive. At that time many physicians switched patients off and onto oral meds. Those issues were resolved a few years ago and we haven’t had any trouble getting it for quite some time. It is an expensive med and the insurance company may require prior the doctor to send a response as to why your son cant take a less expensive alternative. They held up my sons prescription when I recently changed insurance but it was cleared up after a response from the doctor. It has been a huge success for my son. He also has a couple of friends who have used Daytrana for years with no problems. Good luck to you!