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What you say about methamphetamine is actually misinformation and you should know that there is research disproving your claims about the medicinal use of methamphetamine. Dr. Carl Hart, a professor of neuroscience at Columbia university studied this drug and found that it truly uncommon for it to be abused, despite what the newspapers have said, he found that 70% of users do not get addicted. Now, this isn’t to give acceptance to the reckless act of using illegal methamphetamine, but you start asking, why is this unpatentable medicine from 1898 being slandered and misunderstood so much?
Dr. Carl Hart says certain agencies get their budgets increased when they exaggerate the dangers of this medicine, which research shows is safe in moderation. Just read patient reviews of people who use Desoxyn, all very good and they say it works better than any other med, just as the other person on here said, and some use it for decades with no issues. According to recent clinical studies from this professor at Columbia university it is the same thing as the main drug in Adderal, Dextroamphetamine, it is not more addictive then other amphetamines because it crosses the lipid barrier in the brain, as formerly claimed.
Please read this article knowing that we humans know nothing until we receive true understanding.

Dr Hart also gives a lecture about methamphetamine myths to government official in Thailand here:

I used to think this drug was Nazi poison that kamakazi pilots and Nazi soldiers took before being committing their atrocities in war and I heard it caused permanent brain damage, but then I heard Dr. Hart’s research and found out that I was deceived.

After reading patient reviews of Desoxyn for ADD, I want to try it because allost all of them say it is more calming and you know what, anxiety and fear are not side effects of pharmaceutical methamphetamine.

Illegal methamphetamine is a trap from God’s enemy, a very bad idea and this foolish practice makes it hard for honest people to get this medicine for legitimate reasons. So I pray this comes to an end by the mercy of our God if it is His will.
I asked my doctor for Desoxyn and he didn’t know what it was but said, “Meth, that’s that stuff that makes people wonder around delusional and do crazy things.”
I was perplexed by his logic, with all the science being considered, that’s like saying, “alcohol makes people crash cars.”
No, being a fool and getting drunk before you drive makes people crash cars just like taking high doses of ANY amphetamine night after night without sleep leads to delusions, panic attacks, anxiety and psychosis, just as our Adderall warning label warns.

It is very important to both question and verify the information we read and hear the best we can before we go repeating it to the rest of society. You know?