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I’m the same, Andydippy, I love the social distancing. I was already isolating to protect myself from “crazies.” (There are an awful lot of them around who think we should be just like them. So I think of most neural-typical people as pretty crazy. I can get along with them ok most of the time, but it is those few times a month that were hard to handle. Now there aren’t many interactions that I don’t choose and I consider that a good thing!) I was fortunate enough to not be forced to go out for work.

And since the quarantine I have an excuse for doing what I wanted to do anyway. So many people were putting more and more pressure on me to “get out and do things.” I hadn’t realized what a burden that was until people stopped it. I do plenty, but I do it at home and mostly alone. Sure I’m different, but that doesn’t mean I’m sick or somehow damaged, or in need of their pressuring to be “typical.”

So yes, I want to join any support group possible. I already belong to “Christians with ADHD/ADD” and “Women with ADD ADHD” Facebook groups, but haven’t gotten much help from them. If there isn’t really a way for us to “meet as a group in connection with ADDitude, here, hope to see you all there.