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Dr. Bob

I’ve had years of experience taking a variety of meds for ADHD. My goals have mainly been to increase my focus on work I am doing and persistence, to finish things and work on tasks sequentially, Task 1 then Task 2 then Task 3, etc.

I consider taking these meds (any med, any dosage, any frequency) to be an unpredictable experiment with all sorts of results depending on your weight, mood, activity, etc. That gives you a good reason to keep a Medication Log and take comprehensive notes on what you take and the results you notice.

I’ve had good results lately with Provigil and Adderall (sequentially, not taken at the same time). I seem to build a tolerance to Provigil very quickly. I have the best results the first day, so-so results the second day, and no results the third day. So, Provigil (Modafinil, the generic) every third day works best for me.

I’ve also found that having a clear agenda of what I plan to do today is important while taking meds. With little or no plan, meds can simply leave me anxious, walking in circles, getting little done.

Good luck to you,