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Hi. I believe that you and I as well as others should be twins. After numerous Weeks of research I have come to 1 simple answer and it directly correlates to your post about Teva, I, first of all receive both 20 and 30 du to insurance issues and I am 1 week off, so I first noticed the 20’s and then the 30’s. They in my opinion are basically a copy of one another, by the naked eye, but I researched it on my own since I am lied to more than I am told the truth by and I say this with a predominantly higher %age, not pretending that they are Drs, and they are doing everything that a pharmacist should do. However I have a feeling that Lannett Pharmaceuticals and Elite Pharmaceuticals are and have been pulling one over both us, the patient and most pharmacist’s, also. If you really read into it, and I am not a Conspiracy Theorist, but 1 of the most active ingredients in Pro-Biotics is Sacchrate, also in these new, “Adderall,” I have also been able to find out that Dexadrine, And I apologize for forgetting the following word, however it is the most active ingredient in Fat Burners, and the crazy thing is that was around March 28,2020, yet now comes with the name Dextroamphetamine Saccharate, Aphhetamine Aspatate. I have come to the conclusion that Annett, which made the 30mg IR, almost identical to the Teva Brand, and Elite, made the 20 mg that are nearly impossible to tell apart from the Teva Brand. My issue is that 2 different manufacturers are making the same drug why? The answer is what it always is $$, research Lannett and Elite, and mysteriously on 3/31/20, early Corona days and I had read that INSTANT RELEASE are not nearly as safe as Extended RELEASE when dealing with Adderall, I cannot answer this via knowledge, although I truly believe that my 11 years of knowledge on 1 specific brand trumps, the trick that is attempted to be pulled on us. Just research the 2 brands I have included, and you will see that it is the 1st and only brand of Extended RELEASE tablet, not in plastic and I have brought it to a couple physicians attention, and I was told that if they write Adderall 30 mg, the most likely tablet, instant release you will get is same shape, same #’s in the 20 but different letters-e505-,whereas real IR’ b on top of 972, and 20 on opposite side.