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I don’t know if this will be helpful to you as I am also trying to figure this puzzle out. My son is 12 and has been on Ritalin well now concerta for many years. I just recently discovered hopefully a way out of this hell through vit and supplements. I got him the omega 3 fish oil which was the main one I kept hearing about, a multivitamin for teens since he is now overweight from the last time I tried to take him off concerta and did not go well because he ate so much he was so skinny and is just now going through puberty so if I would have kept him on it his puberty spike and weight gain wouldn’t have happened so drastically so I ended up putting him back on it because he started having uncontrollable episode of very bad mood swings. I got him back on the 20 mg for a couple months but now down to 10 mg but he seems like he’s barely holding on so I’m trying supplements to help him anyways moving forward iv also got him taking protein shakes with fiber in the mornings and I’m pretty sure his liver is not doing so well after being on them for so long also he still wets the bed and I think it’s because when he finally passes out he is out like a light but it could also be how the Ritalin has effected his Diuretics. So I got Him kidney support for healthy urinary tract and bladder control but have not introduced this one yet as I need to look into more how directics effect blood pressure and or if it acts as a blood thinning agent. Which leads me to my next supplement called mood support which is filled with things to lower blood pressure as concerta is known to raise blood pressure and increase heart rate. The other one is a brain support that is filled with things that act as a blood thinner and I read you should not take concerta and warfarin(Mao) “a blood thinner” together Because the concerta will rise the effects of the Mao leading to possible bleeding. So now iv been trying to find the correlation blood thinners have with blood pressure so I can figure this out because it can get very complicated. I too am trying to figure out which ones to give him during the day with his Ritalin and which one at night for the renowned effect to be easier on him. The mood support actually seems to be helping with that a lot there are also adrenal supports that promote healthy stress respons and lowers cortisol levels allowing other hormones to function and not be taken over. I wanted to give him the brain support one during the day with his Ritalin but if they act like an Mao I don’t want him to have too thin Of blood and be at risk of bleeding but I don’t know if these herbs are strong enough to do that. I gave him one today as I am slowing introducing each one at a time to see how he reacts and he seemed fine on it today. Eventually I want to add in the kidney and liver support but not there yet. I feel he needs a mood or adrenal support During the day as well with his Ritalin to reduce the stressful tension he gets while he’s on it. But again that one is for lowering blood pressure so I don’t know if giving both the mood and brain is a good idea together. Anyways I don’t know if you’ll get anything out of this maybe you hadn’t considered factoring in these pieces or not I don’t know but hope this helps and if you have any info for me maybe we can help each other