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Thanks everyone for sharing your experiences, encouragements, and suggestions – I really appreciate them!

The parks have re-opened and we have been able to go to the park’s sandbox on an almost daily basis and that has burned 3-4 hours a lot of days (he loves construction), so that has really helped!

Figured I’d share a few other things I’ve found to be helpful:

– We have a big box with rice and beans in it, it acts as pseudo-sand and he loves to spend time digging in it. Eventually I had the idea to start burying things into it, he likes Dinosaur Train and in one episode they drill into the earth and find minerals, so I picked up a National Geographic box of rocks, fossils, and minerals (200 pcs) for $25 off Amazon and started putting them in there for him to find. But almost anything seems to work – candy, legos, etc.
– I’m very thankful when it comes to electronics/screen time for Khan Academy for Kids and PBS Kids, these are a lot of fun and educational.
– For bath time we sometimes use shaving cream or various non-permanent paints to paint while in the tub.

Thanks everyone!