Reply To: Formal Diagnosis During Quarantine?


Hi there, I’m UK based, diagnosed a few weeks back. My assessment was completed online via zoom.

I was on a waiting list for an NHS appointment for over a year before the pandemic hit and facing an even longer wait due to the backlog caused by lockdown. I’ve been really struggling with lockdown and working from home and I decided to to get a private assessment via an adhd specialist in Scotland. My assessment and follow up appointment were both completed by a qualified psychiatric nurse over a zoom meeting, my medication reviews can also be done over a zoom meeting. The initial assessment took over 2 hours and the follow up was about an hour. Pre-Assessment I had to complete a heap of forms, scan and email them. My Parents and Girlfriend also completed their own set of forms. Although I wish I didn’t have ADHD, it was a relief to finally get diagnosed and now I’m in a position to get the help I need.

It’s definitely 100% worth looking into. Perhaps there are other clinics or specialists in your area that can offer an online service?