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Hi Violetg and apologies for the late reply, i was unable to post on the forum for a while due to a technical hitch at ADDitude… all sorted now though i hope.

Thanks for the advice, on your recommendation i went out and bought a copy of Allen Carr’s ‘The Easy Way to Control Alcohol’ (i thought it was the comedian at first too haha!) and look forward to reading it, i’m currently close to finishing Peter Shankman’s ‘Faster Than Normal’ which has been a great intro to my new normal and has some good advice on ADHD related alcohol problems too. He also talks a lot about understanding your triggers and building strategies for dealing with them.

I’ve also just started my fortnightly coaching session with a psychological therapist (as part of my recent diagnosis and subsequent treatment plan) and we will also be covering alcohol related problems, yay!

Although nothing quite relieves my overworking brain at the end of a working and parenting day like alcohol does, i’m starting to have hope that as my support networks grow (coaching, forums, adhd communities etc.) and my knowledge on the subject improves through reading i’ll be in a good place and positive mindset to cut-down and maybe even eventually live a life without alcohol and be all the fitter and happier for it.