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I’ve tried making a bullet journal, bought everything, set it up for months in advance and then it was not used. I have a happy planner that I liked because it became my to do list daily, for each hour block. I got into the habit of using that. Then I managed to get a full time job so that became useless; now we are working remote so I’m back to well, which one now do I use? I recently got a weekly planner to use now and I think that will be my best bet with working full time. I use google calendar for dr appts because for a lot of those appointments, you can “add to calendar” and it’s all right there. I still write it out when I can. It’s just easier to use the google calendar on my phone because it is always with me when I travel. My work schedule doesn’t change; however, appointments can so it’s just easier to use my phone for appts. I also have a small pad of paper with my planner for daily to do’s. Anything I do not get to that day, I write on a new page. It does feel good to cross things off after doing them. It makes it appear smaller. I know I was all over the place and I’m sorry. Everyone is different so you may have to play around to see what works best for you. I was all for bullet journal in the beginning, and then I just got lazy with keeping up and wasted a lot of paper and stickers. I also use post-it notes for my appts in my planner in case something changes since the day blocks are small.